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Hunter Magazine issue 1 about travel

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Pinhole project

by Fardoe Mercedes Ruitenberg

This is my personalized agenda to get trought the year. It’s totally handcrafted and it has it’s own week organizer design. It has different kinds of paper and it is chinese stitched.

I would be pleased to make one for you.

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Elisava, Fardoe Ruitenberg

This is a made up “Below the Line” campaign to promote the new website of the Verdi cinema in Barcelona. I used a famous movie cover (The Great Gatsby) to create nice graphics so it doesn’t look like the other books. Instead of a book it’s a packagingbook. People will look inside at the library and instead of seeing pages, they’ll get a vidi code and a sentence of the movie. The vidi code leades to the website.

Printed with serigraphy. 

Made up project for Elisava, Barcelona. By; Fardoe Ruitenberg

Cabin in the woods